May 5th: Creating My Own Writing Community

Hoping on the train this morning I was met with a highly disappointed experience when opening the popular writing app Medium.

I am a couple months out of the loop since I am a normal human with a family and job and have to get shit in life done but I still still hang to my passions and dreams of becoming a writer.

With all of that gong on my time is very valuable to me and I need to be able to create when I can. I am not a 20 year old with a trust fund or one with no bills. I am your 42 year old punk rock professional who NEEDS his outlet and a community of like minded folks that are hard to find in real life.

This new change has me thinking of how I should create a writing community that really fits the needs of the little folks who love to write, want to write, want to create a and need it to be as easy as possible.

With so many social networks out there that are just brain sucking, mind altering tools to eat you hooked and sell you more shit there needs to be a place for those that who want a better experience and a community if liked minded folks.

Not sure but it might be time to create my own space, lets see where we can take this.

Also, misspelling and grammar mistakes are welcome since we are all human and are creating on the fly.

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