May 1st and 2nd

Day three of Mental Health Awareness Month and I am in it to win at this current moment in time.

I also have 2 months before I finally get to take a vacation so the mental and physical training has begun,

Being a couple of day behind I will play a little catch up on my last couple of days and my training.

May 1st – Sunday

Beautiful day, the entire family is home and I have nothing but the entire say in front of more toy get shit done and soak up some vitamin D. Started the day with nothing but outside work, mowed the lawn and finished cleaning up I the garage and some other chores. The feeling of accomplishment was running through my veins.

The clocks strikes 3 and everyone is in their own world so I decide it is a perfect time to take a couple of hours and get my first long run/walk in for the year.

Not the best run at 15.14 pace at 7.08 distance for a taco Al of 1:47:54 total time. This is my normal run that I can usually do in an hour so I have some work to do but I accept this for what it is since I have not really had a big outdoor run in a year.

May 2nd Monday

This day was a work from home day and damn did I have a lot of work to do or should I say I have a shit ton of meetings to get through. So it will be a day in the home office making shit happen.

Though I am home I need to figure out how to get my mind right for the day and my physical activity in which helps me with my mind.

So we started the day with a nice meditation, some light breakfast, music and are get myself settled in for a day of back to back meetings and getting my mind ready for the week.

Once the day is finally over I pick up my buddy and we hit the boxing gym for a full out war session with the bag. The coach tonight is not fucking around and neither are we so destroy the class, enough so my friend needs to cut out from the core workout due to his lack of calories to keep him going. Great class.

Back at home my wife and youngest son are not feeling well so I put them to bed in my bedroom and I take over my sons bed which is unusually comfortable and I sleep GREAT.

I wake up in what feels bed of clouds which makes it hard to start the day and I have a train to catch to make it into the office.

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