A Book You Say?

A book

a book


What really is a book, a collection of words strung together on order to tell a story or relay information? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up – no need to go to deep into that one.

Now does one write for what people want to hear or what they want to say? Those are two entirely different things that have clear distinctions, but what to choose? I guess the questions really is “Why are you writing?”, that will tell you exactly who are writing for, them or you.

I love to write, I love to get ideas out of my head and put them down to look at or not look later. I am just a lover of words and I write for me and that will not change for this. Now as for my why there are many but my big one is that there is something or many things inside of me that that need to get, that need to be spread around this planet. I am not sure the why behind that but as for now I willing to accept that I have calling that I must fulfill.

So now lets bring topics into the mix. Shit, I have started so many things over the years and scrapped them all to start something new which then never got started. I thought I would take some time to build out a list of topics for myself to stare at as I work on piecing together this undertaking.

Lets start with a table to collect some words that be made into ideas.

ObsessionFoodGetting Lost in the WorldImagination
PillsHow to Disappear Completely Depression One Room
Life (in general )Being Highly Functional in a Dysfunctional WorldThe Feeling of AloneWhat Happens When Some Finds This
My LifeSocial MediaTaking on the WorldLove
Fighting through an emotional Jungle Set in the Suburbs Long Lost FamilyBringing People TogetherHow to do right by the world
OrganizationSomeone Named Henry Picking up the Pieces Discovery
Writing Technology Simulation Theory Essays on Different Topics
Health Mental Health 300 Pages of Rambling with Very Little Punctuation Processes
SleepAltered States What to be when you Grow Up Grasshoppers
The Illegal of Not Caring Locked in a ClosetBeing a Cult Leader

This has become something alright, a table of ideas, thoughts and nonsense is what is it , but I bet between what is here I will find a good starting point.

I am expecting there will be more of these chart’s to come as I start to sot out more ideas and then string them together.

But for now I will call it night and go read a book to help encourage those crazy dreams that I have been having.


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