July 11th

Today is one of those days that is going to be a fight. From the moment I closed my eyes I knew that today was just going to be one of those days that I would need to power through. Have I mentioned I hate powering through days as it usually means I am at […]

July 9th

No matter what people say, how they say it, or the intention that lies behind it you have to discover yourself on your own terms. If you are one of those people, like me, who finds themselves locked into all the self-help bullshit there is in the world, non of it will actually work unless […]

May 5th: Creating My Own Writing Community

Hoping on the train this morning I was met with a highly disappointed experience when opening the popular writing app Medium. I am a couple months out of the loop since I am a normal human with a family and job and have to get shit in life done but I still still hang to […]

May 1st and 2nd

Day three of Mental Health Awareness Month and I am in it to win at this current moment in time. I also have 2 months before I finally get to take a vacation so the mental and physical training has begun, Being a couple of day behind I will play a little catch up on […]